Rua do Cruxifixo, Lisbon, 2014


Installation, Lisbon Architecture Triennale

With Jaffer Kolb, Phoebe Springstubb, and Patrick Tierney

Status: Built


Horror Vacui is a site-specific installation for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale. The project re-imagines the narrative tradition of the Portuguese azulejo through an unconventional production chain that involved Kickstarter, Autodesk, and a family-owned Lisbon tile manufacturer. The installation began with the crowd-sourced collection of photographs of architectural interiors. Using a custom image sorting software, over 2,000 unique tiles were produced over a two-month period to re-clad the façade of an abandoned building in the center of Lisbon. Individually, each tile contains a unique image submitted to an interactive website that calibrated its color and position on the wall. Collectively, the tiles create a pixelated replica of the façade behind—a trompe l’oeil rendered in blue and white.